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        1. Get Inspired


          • Wearable Technology

            Wearable technology

            From wristbands, fitness trackers and watches to jewellery and clothing, the potential of wearables technology is promising. Why not be part of the next innovation wave and revolutionize the way we travel & pay for goods? Launch a new technology that transforms travel ticketing from a commodity into a must-have fashion item: the wearable contactless device

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          • Video: The Tube's journey to contactless ticketing

            It's the world's oldest metro system, but the London Underground's ticketing is on the cutting edge. Our animation traces its evolution.

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          • Hong Kong

            A day in the life of Octopus

            More than 95% of Hong Kong residents aged between 16 and 65 own an Octopus card. Our award-winning video shows how they use Octopus contactless payments to smooth their passage through a typical day

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          • NFC tapping into Brazilian transport market

            Contactless technology was first adopted in Rio de Janeiro with the RioCard transit card in 2003 and it is now a part of the daily routine of millions of users. Now the idea is to enhance the usage of NFC technology the same way.

            NFC in transport in Brazil

          • Mobile NFC Services

            Learn about Mobile NFC. Discover how mobile NFC simplifies your life.

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          • How sports got the samba nation moving