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        1. Product Support

          Product Support site

          For Product support, please connect to https://supportportal.gemalto.com.

          What has changed

          On top of offering the usual driver download and knowledge base pages, the new website allows customers with a support contract to log in, open cases, return products, download new versions, etc.

          The Support Portal gathers a much wider variety of products which have been sorted by business line (Authentication, Digital banking, Encryption, Hardware Security Modules, High Speed Encryption and Software Monetization). 

          The most visited pages on the Support Website and product catalog are accessible below. For support of products not listed here, please search directly on https://supportportal.gemalto.com. For smart card and mult-factor authentication products, please look on our dedicated SafeNet web site.

          Popular product shortcuts


          PC Link Readers

          Including: IDBridge CT30 (legacy name: PC USB TR and PC TWIN)

          Product Information

          Technical support

          IDBridge CT40 (legacy name = PC USB SL) Technical support
          IDBridge CT510 (legacy name = PC Express) Technical support
          Ezio Shield Pro Technical support
          IDBridge CT700/710 (legacy name = PC Pinpad) Technical support
          IDBridge K30 / IDBridge K50 (legacy name: USB Shell Token v2 and v3 - GemPC Key)

          Product information

          Technical support

          IDGo 800 Mobile SDK v3.1.0 - Android

          Technical support

          IDGo 800 Mobile SDK v2.1.1 - iOS

          Technical support

          SafeNet Reader CT1100 Technical support
          SafeNet Reader K1100 Technical support


          If you have any support questions feel free to go to our Contact Us page.