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        1. Entitlement Management

          ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Gemalto's web-based entitlement management solution offers software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers the ability to activate and provision cloud, on-premise, and embedded software applications from a single platform. Its flexible, feature-rich solutions are designed to make entitlement generation, entitlement reporting, and ongoing license management seamless and reliable, thereby reducing costs and improving the customer experience.

          Our entitlement management solutions offer the ?following benefits:

          • Centralization – Integrate an entitlement management solution with your back office and manage homegrown or third-party licensing systems from a single interface.

          • Automation – Automate every aspect of your proactive marketing and sales operations lifecycle for greater accuracy and reduced costs.

          • End-User Enablement – Improve customer satisfaction and cut down on support calls by empowering end users to perform a variety of tasks via self-service web portal.


          Case studies ? ?

          ? SAUTER Implements Sentinel EMS and RM

          Xsens Technologies Streamlines Operations & Expands Revenue with Sentinel

          Download the case study????? 

          ? Case study

          Miko Maximizes Software Revenue & Reduces Operational Expenses with Gemalto Sentinel???

          Download the case study???


          Free Trial

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          Simplify your entire licensing lifecycle with Sentinel EMS.

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          White Papers

          • Embracing Software Propels Growth in IoT Era

            Embracing Software Propels Growth in IoT Era

            White paper exploring how device vendors must transform into software companies or become obsolete.

            Download the white paper
          • Consolidating Software Licensing Technologies Post M&A

            A survival guide for software publishers and intelligent device manufacturers.

            Download the white paper

          Feature Briefs

          • Improving your Customer Experience with Sentinel EMS

            A guide to providing a streamlined, customizable, and user-friendly licensing experience that meets growing customer expectations.

            Download the feature brief
          • A Simple Integration Process for Streamlining Your Back-office Systems with Sentinel EMS

            Discover how centralized entitlement management can simplify internal processes, greatly improving licensing-related interactions both internally and with your customers.

            Download the feature brief

          Product Briefs

          EMS Product Brief??

          Sentinel EMS offers the most robust and feature-rich entitlement
          management solution available on the market. Sentinel EMS enables
          customers to consolidate all entitlement management processes on
          a single unified platform for any type of licensing enforcement methods
          including homegrown and commercial third party off-the-shelf products.

          ?Download the product brief?


          Customer Experience Infographic

          The cost of acquiring customers is just one of the reasons many businesses have moved from selling products to selling services. For these companies, giving customers a better experience is a key differentiator. But many fall at the first hurdle with poor adoption of their products. What’s the reason??
          ?Download the infographic??