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        1. Documents


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          • A New Trust Model For The 5G Era

            5G use cases will bring new requirements on the storage, compute and network domains and will introduce new risks to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of enterprise & user data. This White Paper provides Thales' recommendations to address these new challenges and build a new trust model for the 5G era.

            Building a new trust model in the 5G era
          • 5G Networks Q & A

            Introducing 5G networks – Characteristics and usages

            The fifth generation networks (5G) is currently under development and will hit the market at the horizon 2020. Compared with the current 4G LTE technology, 5G is targeting to reach both high speed (1 Gbps), low power and low latency (1ms or less), for massive IoT, tactile internet and robotics.

            Introducing 5G networks – Characteristics and usages
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          AI and Big Data


          Customer Experience

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          Mobile Marketing

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          eSIM Connectivity

          • Subscription Manager - SMDS Connect

            Maximize the reach and activation of eSIM capable devices. An overview of the smart router: a single contact point to reach and activate a maximum number of eSIM capable devices.

            SMDS Connect infographic [PDF - 503kb]
          • Subscription Manager - SMDS Connect

            Building on the strong foundations of the GSMA’s Root Discovery Service, SMDS Connect can embrace all OEM proprietary Discovery Services. It, ensuring MNOs have the potential for 360° access to the fast growing market of eSIM capable devices.

            SMDS Connect Booklet
          • What do consumers want from their connected future?

            What do consumers want from their connected future?

            Over the past 18 months we’ve spoken to 5,000 people from nine countries about what they want from their future mobile and IoT experience. The findings are fascinating and complex.

            Download the whitepaper [PEDF - 3.1mb]
          • Thales On-Demand Connectivity

            Getting devices connected via Remote eSIM Provisioning

            Thales On-Demand Connectivity [PDF - 1.1mb]
          • Turning things on

            With everything from smart homes to autonomous cars, the integration of connected technology in everyday life has become a reality. The Internet of Things can enhance our way of living. But before drawing benefit from these “things”, we need to turn them on first! Turning things on is Thales’ view on how the embedded SIM is paving the way for connecting these array of smart things, and bringing them to life.

            Download the whitepaper
          • Juniper Research lists Gemalto as leader in IoT Connectivity & Security technologies

            Juniper Research lists Thales as leader in IoT Connectivity & Security technologies

            Thales, has been recognized by Juniper Research, the respected industry analyst, as a key player in the global M2M sector. This leadership position is based on Thales' advanced capabilities and product offering for the industrial and consumer IoT markets, where Juniper predicts strong growth for eSIMs and remote subscription management platforms.

            Download the whitepaper
          • Connecting Smart Objects

            Read the infographic
          • On-Demand Subscription Manager

            Subscription management plays an instrumental role in connecting objects, from industrial M2M applications like smart vehicles to consumer electronic devices like smart watches. Discover main business drivers to have a GSMA compliant subscription management solution.

            On-Demand Subscription Manager (PDF - 721 kb]
          • Infographic on connecting tablets on-the-go

            A panel of consumers assessed a connected tablet with flexible on-demand subscription management.

            Download the infographic to discover the key findings.
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          Device Management

          • White paper – The role of Automatic Device Detection within MNOs’ device-based services strategy

            This paper explores the various mobile device detection methods that mobile operators can apply to enhance their device-based services. With the emergence of new use cases, ADD has never been so instrumental for the success of carriers.

            Read the whitepaper
          • Thales Device Management

            Boost data usage and LTE adoption, maximize customer experience

            Thales Device Management [PDF - 785kb]
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          Digital Identiy


          Consumer electronics





          • Download the African Market Outlook 2016 Report

            African Market Outlook Report 2016

            Market intelligence report investigating attitudes towards mobile in the African telecoms market, with a focus on customer experience, acquisition and retention strategies, data boosting as well as a broad overview of the African marketplace.

            Download the African Market Outlook 2016 Report
          • Advanced Connectivity Offer

            Enable new services in the connected world The wireless ecosystem is changing and becoming ever more open and connected, with the number of different devices and secure elements in circulation booming.

            Advanced Connectivity Offer [PDF - 987kb]
          • Dynamic Subscriber Provisioning

            Optimizing the SIM life cycle

            Dynamic Subscriber Provisioning [355kb]