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        1. Customer Cases


          • What do racecars and the IoT have in common?? Gemalto!

            Globalmatix and Gemalto teamed up to build a telematics solution based on Cinterion IoT Modules and eSIMs that is durable and reliable enough to withstand Nürburgring, the world’s most demanding racetrack.

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          • Fort Telecom relies exclusively on Gemalto for ERA-GLONASS and eCall solutions

            Fort Telekom is a leading global provider of ERA-GLONASS and eCall solutions. Serving more 60 global carmakers including Volvo, Renault and others, they rely exclusively on Gemalto’s Cinterion IoT and Automotive Modules for connectivity. This is due to strong technical support, acoustic testing and guidance during the certification process and because Cinterion modules meet all the strict requirements of eCall technology.

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          • Enkom Active Oy

            Enkom Active Oy is a distributor of telecommunication systems and fiber optics and its biggest product line is Gemalto IoT Modules. For more than a decade, the company has relied on Gemalto solutions to enable solutions for its growing customer base in industrial IoT, logistics and automotive sectors

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          • Ayyeka: IoT Customer Success Story

            Ayyeka is an industrial IoT company that specializes in delivering remote monitoring and maintenance solutions for water, agriculture and other environmental industries that use dispersed assets and equipment.

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          • Harman and Gemalto drive connected cars into the future

            For more than 17 years, Harman has been working with Gemalto to deliver leading edge connected car technology to 80-90% of the premium cars in the world.

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          • GTT speeds time to market with Gemalto's IoT offer

            GTT is a global subsystem and enclosure solution provider for the fast growing IoT sector.

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          • Marek Zamarski, Director of SECTRON

            IoT modules bring innovative wireless solutions

            Sectron, a leading wireless solution developer, uses Gemalto embedded Java products to help customers speed up the product launch cycle to three months only.

            Watch Marek Zamarski describe how Gemalto embedded Java products helps customers
          • Svep Design deployed more than one million Gemalto IoT modules

            By leveraging Gemalto’s future-proof wireless modules and strong engineering support, Svep Design is able to seamlessly evolve solutions from 2G to 3G to 4G and remain at the forefront of technology innovation.

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          • Sigma and Gemalto: Collaborating and Innovating IoT Solutions

            Collaborating and Innovating IoT Solutions

            Sigma Connectivity works with Gemalto to solve engineering and design challenges as well as to integrate Cinterion IoT modules in a variety of products.

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          • Briowireless and Gemalto Developing the Next Generation of Cellular Devices

            Briowireless, a leading manufacturer of standard and customized wireless communications devices serving the IoT M2M markets, uses Gemalto IoT modules to provide wireless connectivity for products in every sphere of the electronics industry, including industrial, agriculture and consumer products.

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          • Onk?l mHealth Solution

            OnK?l?remote patient monitoring uses Gemalto IoT connectivity to support ‘age in place’ individuals

            Enabled by?Gemalto’s wireless module, the smart hub connects the elderly and those with special needs to their family and caregivers, allowing them to live in their own home safely, independently and comfortably.?

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          • Mobike and Gemalto drive the IoT bike sharing boom

            Mobike’s unique dockless IoT bike sharing solution leverages Gemalto Cinterion wireless modules and MIMs to allow customers to easily locate, unlock and rent a ride. The system solves the first and last mile challenge in fast growing urban areas while minimizing traffic congestion and air pollution.

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          • Connected coffee machine

            Bonaverde teams up with Gemalto to disrupt the coffee ecosystem with IoT innovation

            The Bonaverde connected coffee machine uses Gemalto Cinterion modules and device-to-cloud platform to connect coffee drinkers directly with farmers for the perfect cup of fair trade coffee

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          • Data Protection?? for mobile devices and remote content

            ExactTrak and Gemalto: Protecting Data on the Move

            ExactTrak teamed up with Gemalto to protect valuable data from mobile devices and keep it safe no matter where the device resides or moves.

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          • Aware360 and Gemalto Give Companies a 360 View of People, Places and Assets

            Aware360, an industrial IoT solution provider, uses a variety of Gemalto Cinterion? technology to help companies improve the health, safety and efficiency of workers in the field.

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          • Creating Smarter Energy with Gemalto enabled LTE Connectivity

            Improving energy efficiency and smart cities with trusted IoT technology

            Tauron, Andra, Orange and Gemalto leverage IoT M2M technology to enable smart cities in Poland

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          • Gemalto Drives Smart Car Connectivity

            Drivin???g toward greener, safer transportation systems with the IoT

            Lightfoot telematics solution uses Gemalto M2M wireless module and the IoT to improve driving behavior, optimize engine efficiency and curb vehicle emissions

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          • High Tech Hives: how the IoT keeps bees buzzing

            Eltopia teams up with Gemalto for eco-friendly IoT solution to solve the bee crisis

            Eltopia uses Gemalto M2M modules and eco-friendly IoT connectivity to solve honey bee crisis, prevent Colony Collapse and destroy Varroa destructor mites

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          • A bright idea:  IoT and Solar Energy Power Up Remote Areas

            Electrifying Africa: SolarKiosk brings Power and the IoT to Off-the-Grid Communities

            SOLARKIOSK uses Gemalto M2M module and IoT connectivity for secure, renewable solar electricity where energy access is limited

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          • Smart Pill Dispe???nser ??Provides Peace of Mind and Improved Well-Being

            MedMinder makes Medication Smarter with IoT Connected Pill Box

            MedMinder teamed up with Gemalto to launch an innovative mHealth smart pill dispenser that greatly improves medication management.

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          • Cargo Tracck Teams up With Gemalto to Monitor and Track Rainforest Trees

            Gemalto and Cargo Tracck team up for a Successful Sting Operation

            Rainforest Trees in the Amazon Call for Help with the IoT

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          • Innovative IoT smart wristwatch safeguards people with special needs

            iLoc's IoT Wristwatch improves Safety for People with Special Needs

            iLOC and Gemalto enhance safety and support for people with Autism and Alzheimer’s with IoT M2M wireless smartwatch and GPS

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          • ERTICO teams up with member organizations for eCall success

            Connected cars and right infrastructure: The key to eCall emergency response systems

            ERTICO and Gemalto leverage the IoT to enable eCall across Europe

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          • Remote Patient monitoring

            The mHealth Challenge

            Improving patient care and reducing costs with M2M

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