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        1. Document reader and ID verification solutions

          Thales offers a range of identification verification and authentication solutions that help prevent document and identity fraud. Our wide array of document readers provide solutions that meet the changing security demands of companies and agencies. 

          ????????Background check for employment or services

          Know Your Customer

          Fast, efficient and accurate document authentication combined with video-based facial recognition.

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          ? Fingerprint Scanners

          Government Solutions

          Document reader solutions for border management, immigration, customs, law enforcement, and other government agencies and public security.

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          ????????Background check for employment or services

          Self-Service Solutions

          A wide range of identity document readers designed to be easily integrated into self-service kiosk and gates.

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          ? Fingerprint Scanners

          Transportation Solutions

          Read and authenticate a variety of government issued identity documents and boarding passes improving the passenger travel experience.

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